Domain Authority and Alexa Rank are the important metrics of any website and decides the level of that Website. Earlier Google’s PageRank was the most important metric for any website but Google have not updated it since long and recently Google announced that it will no longer update PageRank thus every internet Marketer and Blogger started concentrating on Domain Authority. Generally now every advertiser considers Domain authority to place ad thus every blogger is working hard to increase their Domain authority. There are many articles for increasing domain authority and page authority in many blogs but many readers are still in doubt about how to boost their domain authority. Thus I thought of writing a complete detailed guide on How to increase domain authority.

increase domain authority

I have applied this tricks on this blog and seen good results having DA=29 in very short time and hoping it to go beyond 40 soon. Thus it can help you too.

What is Domain Authority?

So first of all let’s talk about Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is the Website metric developed by Moz to rank Blog. It is most widely used factor to rank a website after PageRank and after the announcement that PageRank is no longer going to be updated; it is going to be the most important factor for any website to rank well in search engines. Google ranks Website with high authority more compared to site having low authority. Thus Domain authority plays major role in Search engine optimization.

I hope you got the basic idea of what is Domain authority. You may also have heard about Page authority. Actually Domain Authority is the authority level of whole website while page authority is authority of that page only. So generally tactics to increase authority for both types are same only.

Why Domain Authority is Important??

Many newbies don't have idea about the importance of Moz Domain Authority but it is most important metric. It is best and effective alternative to Google PageRank and now it is more important as PageRank is dead for common users. There are many benefits of High Authority.

  • High Authority will help you to rank higher in Search Engine. Thus your SERP positions will increase.
  • Advertisers loves high authority thus it will attract more advertisers.
  • Sponsored posts mainly depends on Authority metric.
  • It also attracts more comments as people looks for high authority sites for commenting.
  • It increases the reputation of your site.

Now let’s discuss about How to increase Domain Authority quickly

How to  Increase Domain Authority

There are certain steps for boosting your domain authority. Let’s discuss them one by one.

(1) Quality , Unique and lengthy Content

It is truly said that “Content is King” and it implies for blogging too. Without unique and high quality content, you cannot rank well in search engine and cannot increase authority.

How to write high quality content??

There are certain tips you need to follow :

  • Write on your own , never copy other’s article.
  • Write lengthy articles with more than 700 words (Above 500 is necessary but more than 700 is more preferable). More the words, better the rankings as it can contain more keywords without affecting Keyword density.
  • Try to write on unique ideas so that your article won’t face much competition.
  • Decorate your article with bulleted points, header tags, images, videos etc to retain reader’s attention.
  • Don’t try to use high vocabulary words rather use simple and effective words so that readers can understand it better.
  • Remove all grammatical mistakes if there.

(2) On-Page SEO – Optimize your Blog

On page SEO affects authority in many ways.  It is the most basic factor for ranking ability of any blog.Though it doesn't contribute directly to domain authority but indirectly it invites many link juice and traffic to blog. Thus one needs to concentrate on that factor too. Domain popularity will automatically affect DA -- Domain Authority positively On-Page consists of many steps which I will tell in short description. A long detailed guide is coming soon.

There are certain steps you need to take for optimizing your On Page SEO.

  • Make your permalink SEO-friendly by using Low competitive and high traffic keywords and keeping it short.
  • Use Keywords in Title in best way. Most preferred one is to start the title of your article with best keyword.
  • Use Good amount of images, infographics, and videos to keep your grip on the attention of readers and to decrease bounce rate.
  • Use little High quality Outbound links. Though it will not affect directly and suddenly but in long term it will be very beneficial for authority and reputation in front of search engines.
  • Use good amount of best keywords in your content but always take care of Keyword density. Never let keyword density to exceed 2-5 %.
  • Use keywords in header tags also. Thus keep habit of using h2, h3 tags in your content and adding good keyword in those tags.
  • Internal Linking is also very necessary step you need to accomplish to decrease bounce rate and increase page views.
  • Make your site navigation friendly and use text links instead of image links for navigation.
  • Increase your site loading speed.

(3) Off-Page SEO – Effective Link Building

Link Building though I kept at 3rd place, is the backbone of Domain Authority as Authority metric highly depends on Backlinks. You may have observed that high authority blogs contain large amount of high authority Backlinks. Here for Backlinks, quality is far more important than quantity. Thus 1 high authority Dofollow backlink is more powerful than 100 low authority Dofollow Backlinks. There are two parts of Links:

link building for domain authority

Internal Links

Internal links plays major role not only in bringing high traffic but also in authority building. Search Engines pays much attention to internal links while crawling the site. Thus always build internal backlinks by including related post links in the content. This will decrease your site’s bounce rank and will increase average time of a visitor on your blog.

External Links – Backlinks

This is most effective factor for boosting authority of your site. There are numerous ways to build backlinks for your blog but always use white hat techniques for building backlinks. There are two types of outbound backlinks – 1) Dofollow and 2) Nofollow. Though Nofollow does not help in increasing Link Juice but it is recommended to keep a good mixture of both nofollow and Dofollow backlinks to make search engines think that your site is authoritative and genuine. It is still not clear that nofollow really contribute or not , but many bloggers along with me think that nofollow actually contribute in hidden way. So don’t neglect nofollow backlinks but prefer Dofollow backlink.

Best ways to boost Domain Authority through Backlinks:

> Blog Commenting : Blog commenting is very easy, popular and effective way to increase backlinks and increase domain authority. Comment genuinely in high authority commentluv enabled blogs to get double backlinks which will boost domain authority and traffic both.

> Guest Blogging : This is by far most effective way to boost domain authority and getting high authority and qualitative backlinks. There are many high authority sites which offer guest posting opportunities in exchange of dofollow backlinks.

> Analyze Competitor : There are many other ways to create backlinks but shortcut and effective way is to analyze competitor's backlink profile. This way you will know how your competitor made backlinks and increased domain authority.

There are lots of ways to create backlink thus I need special article on creating backlink.

(4) Domain Age

Domain age also matters in authority. Older websites have generally higher authority than newer websites. Search engines like Google, yahoo, bing consider older websites more trustworthy compared to newer sites. Thus you need to wait for few months to let your site get older. You cannot make your site 7 month older in just 2 month. So you have only option to wait. But if you want to make a site with established authority then you can buy older sites with good authority or some expired domains. In those cases you already possess long domain age.

(5) Social Media Signals

Social media got more attention and importance compared to earlier and today it is another most important factor for traffic generation, brand building, authority building etc.

Make official social profiles for your blog and get maximum likes and user engagement in them. Search engines consider social signals too while ranking any webpage. Thus try to increase social signals for your blog. Also other web 2.0 sites like stumbleupon, reddit, digg contribute highly in backlinks and domain authority. Also this services are useful in gaining high traffic.

(6) Unnatural Backlinks

Bad backlinks or unnatural backlinks harm your search ranking positions and also domain authority badly. Thus you need to keep an eye on your backlink profile always and whenever you suspect any harmful or toxic backlink, remove it using disavow tool in google webmaster.

There are possibly many other ways also to increase domain authority but most of them are negligible or less important as most of pro bloggers achieved high authority through above techniques only. I hope things about Domain authority got cleared in your mind.

Other Tricks to boost Domain Authority :

There are many other ways to increase authority of your website but they are not that effective and important though they can contribute little.

  • Increase Site speed : Site speed plays vital role in search engine crawling and thus affect your authority too as authority site need to have high site loading speed. Thus increase your site speed and decrease loading time.
  • Decrease Bounce Rate : Low bounce rate increases organic traffic and also important for increasing domain authority.
  • Use Old links : This is another amazing trick. Here you have to use old backlinks undiscovered by Moz yet. For that , first of all download all the backlinks using ahref, majestic or any other tools. Then compare with Moz Open site explorer backlinks. There you will find that some backlinks are missing in Moz OSE yet to be discovered. Now list out those backlinks and tweet those links in twitter. Thus Moz will discover those links quickly.

My Experiance in Increasing Domain Authority

Earlier this site had Domain Authority DA -- 18 but very quickly I increased it to DA -- 31 though last MOZ update decreased it to DA -- 29 .

I used above tricks to gain such a high authority but mainly I focused on less but high quality backlinks. High quality .edu and .gov backlinks and profile backlinks helped me to attain the authority. Thus find new ways to generate links from wherever you can get.

There are many High quality commentluv enabled blogs which I used for commenting thus build high number of Backlinks.

Along with that, I used many high PR and Authority sites and forums to create profile backlinks. I recommend you to use Angella backlinks list to create good backlinks but do research about those backlinks before making one.

Final Tip to get high authority very fast:

It generally takes long time to achieve high authority but to increase authority quickly , start making backlinks from today only. Remember Quality is more important than quantity. Thus after creating 10 high authority backlinks to your main website, you will notice change in domain authority easily. Thus building backlink is best way to increase authority very quickly.

You can check your Domain Authority and Page authority using smallseotools authority checker and Moz tool easily. I hope you liked this article. Feel free to contact us or comment below if you have any problem or doubt related to the same. I will be happiest person to help you. Do share your views below.



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  1. Hi Parth,

    It’s a great handy article for increasing DA. A good internal link structure can really help in better SEO and hence domain authority of a site. But most of the newbies tend to put the same anchor text across articles. A variety of anchor text is what one needs to put to make the most out of interlinking.

    Loved all the tips and the linked resource pages. Thanks for sharing. Take care and have a great day.

    ~Taposh Kapuria


    1. Hey Taposh,
      Thanks for reading the article. I read yours too. Nicely written and also its true that Mobile friendly is another factor in Domain Authority


  2. This article just pointed out the things I have not being doing well. Alexa reports that my site gets 0% search visits, and it has made me quite worried.
    I will try to reevaluate my website and be consistent in writing articles.
    Thanks for this eye-opening article


  3. Great Article..
    Thank you so much


  4. I’ve been struggling to get my DA from 31, so this article helps a lot! I guess I’m confused about how to organically leave comments on edu sites? Any suggestions?


  5. This is really helpful, well written and in detailed article, thanks man.


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