Do you want to know How to get American netflix and unblock US Netflix in canada or any other country?

Netflix is by far the best movie and tv shows streaming service in the world with highly curated content based on the country. They uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recommend best TV shows and movies to you based on your taste. They offer $8 plan, $10 and $12 plan with different features which is way cheaper than cable plans.However Netflix Canada is not reach in content compared to US Netflix. Netflix does not offer content from other countries thus normally Canadians end up with fewer content. But there are some ways to block regional barrier and watch american Netflix in Canada. Get American Netflix in Canada using below guide. For that you can use either free or using some paid tools. If you are a heavy netflixer then I recommend you to buy vpn as paid ones offer best quality and comes with extra features.

How to Get American Netflix in Canada

get american netflix in canada



Does US Netflix still works in Canada

Netflix recently changed their algorithm to block vpn to access international content so nowadays it got difficult to unblock Netflix content but still there are some amazing vpn services to unblock us Netflix in and get us netflix in canada. So stay tuned to know how to get american netflix

Which devices are compatible?

This entirely depends on the vpn though generally windows pc or laptop works best and most of the vpn services does support iPhone and android devices so I think you will be fine.

How to check whether I am getting american Netflix content or not?

It is very easy to check. Either you can check your ip address by googling and it will show american location or you can find the show "30 rock" which is available only in US Netflix.

How can I see US Netflix in tv ?

I recommend you to use chromecast as it is very affordable and you can easily mirror your laptop and android to your tv. Best part is Netflix does come with lot of HD content so you won't have to compromise with the quality.


There are different methods and tools to get us netflix in canada or in any other country.

 Free Tools (with limited usage) for how to get american netflix


This is one of the best vpn with fast service. is a Malaysian-based VPN provider with a large German presence. They have different tools to use their vpn and recently updated windows software offers exceptional performance

It comes with three different plans : Free, Premium and Plus. If you want the best experience, we recommend getting premium plan as it comes with unlimited data but still if you want free plan with 2 gb limited use then you can easily opt for that plan.

Click here

2) Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield is another popular vpn to watch US in canada or in most of the other countries as this vpn works well to get netflix in canada or anywhere.

It is the best free VPN service to still work with Netflix.It works on several platforms and it is easy to install and setup. It offers several locations like USA, France, Canada, UK, Autralia and more.

Just go to Hotspot Shield’s download page and download the app for desktop or mobile. When you will start the app, it will ask you to connect and choose country. On desktop, you can just open a browser and go to Netflix to start watching it. On mobile, you’ll need to add the Netflix app to Hotspot Shield and run it through Hotspot.

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Best Premium VPNs to watch US Netflix in canada unblocked

1) VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited is my favourite premium vpn and I use it regularly. I was searching for long time to how to get american netflix in canada and this tool came up at great discount price. I tried it and its awesome. It comes with several features like Unlimited access, absolute security and lightening speed. You can use around 5 devices at same time and in case if you want to add more device then you can add at very affordable price.

It works across several platforms  -- Windows, Linux, android, iOS, macOS, Windows Phone, Chrome extension and firefox extension

It supports more than 30 countries including US, canada, india, france, singapore, Austria, Australia, Germany, Poland , Japan and many more.

You can get this vpn for lifetime at very cheap price . Click here for discounted price

Official Site

2) StrongVPN

Strong VPN is another strong alternative to watch netflix unblocked or for how to get american netflix in canada.  It is one of the rare vpn which remains green almost always on the checkflix.

Strong VPN offers around 14 US location and uses advanced Scramble algorithm to prevent detection and offers smooth experience for netflixers.

It use 2048 bit encryption which is almost impenetrable

Strong Vpn comes with Strong DNS so for one price you get two services to use. StrongVPN has apps for your android box, computer and mobile devices

Click here


Finally if  you didn't like any of the vpn above, still you can know how to get american netflix unblocked.

Try one of these equal alternatives, similar in approach, cost, and effect:

Wajam’s free VPN app

Media Hint









Hence above vpns are best to use for watching US netflix from anywhere in the world including canada. Try these and comment below your experience. Thanks for stopping by to get american netflix in canada


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